Post Liposuction Care


Post Liposuction Recovery at Skinsational in Rhode Island

Dr. Luciano is revolutionizing liposuction surgery and post-­lipo recovery with a series of complimentary high ­tech, hands-­on body work procedures and low­-level laser treatments as needed.

His philosophy is simple – he wants you to recover more quickly and more comfortably with optimum results.


After liposuction, the treated areas may experience swelling beginning one week after the procedure, progressive hardening, and maybe a “lumpy and bumpy” feel. This will begin resolution at about two months after the procedure and continue for several weeks thereafter. Final results are usually seen by twenty weeks. Different people respond differently, and some “pins and needles” feeling maybe be experienced in the treated areas for several weeks or months thereafter, until it resolves completely in some cases.Reserved exclusively for his liposuction surgery clients, Dr. Luciano is offering the Total post-Liposuction Care, to include hands­-on bodywork to promote healing, improve circulation and detect any minor post­-op swelling, as well as low-­level laser treatments as needed, in order to expedite your recovery and improve your cosmetic results.


The innovative iLipo laser treatments provided by Dr. Luciano are relaxing and non-­invasive. It helps promote healing at a much faster rate than nature alone can offer, during your postoperative period following liposuction or liposculpture.

This procedure involves an advanced “cool” laser technique that safely penetrates and opens the walls of remaining fat cells, allowing the fat molecules to escape into the blood stream and to dissipate.


Widely used in Europe and in Brazil, these in-­office 30-­minute relaxing procedures are remarkable to help accelerate healing and comfort levels, while decreasing swelling and bruising. At no additional expense to you, a member of Dr. Luciano’s team of trained professionals will perform specific hands-­on body work to assist in the smoothing and sculpting of your surgery area, as well as low-­level laser treatments as needed.


Dr. Luciano feels that a progressive and complimentary approach to recovery and healing benefits both patient and doctor. By offering his patients this free post-­lipo care, a $1,200 value, his goal is to assure his liposuction patients that not only will they see better results more swiftly, but their recovery will be far more comfortable, faster, and affordable. As well, a balanced diet and exercise is encouraged.

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