Labia Reduction can restore your comfort and confidence.

Labiaplasty is the cosmetic surgical reduction or enhancement of the female genital labia minora, or labia majora, and the most common cosmetic gynecologic procedure requested by patients worldwide. The usual complaints are “the labia have become to large..too dark…”, causing soreness or chafing sensation; the patients can be dissatisfied with the looks of it, and even uncomfortable during intimacy. Another complaint is that  “the labia appear as a protuberance when I wear my bikini….and I cannot wear thongs anymore…”

Some patients may complain of soreness and/or chafing when wearing tight clothing for exercise, for example. They cannot wear spandex or lycra material anymore, because it causes the tissues to sweat, which might cause a major inconvenience.  Patients seeking this kind of procedure just want to have the tissues “back to normal”, so they can enjoy the lifestyle as they used to.

The advantages of the use of Laser for this procedure reside in the basic surgical principle that almost no thermal damage is caused by the Laser to the adjacent tissues, as opposed to the regular Bovie electrocautery equipment used in surgery, or fine stitching to control bleeding, which might cause unsightly scars that cannot be subsequently repaired. The Labiaplasty Laser used by the Skinsational Laser Center cuts and coagulates very proficiently at a low-power setting, which is highly desired when operating in such delicate areas. After a Laser Labiaplasty reduction procedure, no scars are visible – even by experienced eyes: surgeons cannot tell the patient underwent surgery!

Laser Reduction Labioplasty can sculpture the elongated or unequal labial minora (small inner lips) according to the patient’s specification. Most women tell us that they do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips. Prepuce (the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris) reduction can be accomplished at the same time as well. Our labioplasty techniques can also reconstruct conditions that are due to the aging process, childbirth trauma, previous surgery, or injury.

Labiaplasty procedures can also be performed concurrently with most other cosmetic surgeries, like Liposculpturing, Breast Implants, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Nose Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, and others.

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