Dr. Luciano of Skinsational in Rhode Island and BostonAre you unsatisfied with how your chest compares to other men around you? Do you avoid going shirtless or wearing tight shirts that make your enlarged breasts more obvious? You aren’t alone. Having soft and enlarged breasts can be considered cosmetically unattractive or less masculine. We see more and more men in our office seeking to have their excess breast tissue removed to improve their personal appearance.

We would like to believe that people don’t judge us on our physical appearance, but the first impression in most situations begins with a visual assessment. Enlarged male breasts can give the impression of being out of shape, even when the rest of your body says otherwise. In an age where gender has become fluid and changeable, enlarged male breasts could be mistaken as an intentional enhancement when that is not the case. These are just some of the reasons men give when they come to our office seeking to change the shape and appearance of their breasts.

Gynecomastia – Enlarged Male Breasts

Enlarged breasts in men can be hereditary or caused by weight gain, hormonal changes, or reactions to certain drugs. The clinical name for the condition is gynecomastia, but men may make reference to their condition as “man boobs.” Regardless of the root cause of your
enlarged breasts, you want them gone. So, let’s talk about your options for breast reduction.

Liposculpture Breast Reduction for Men

At Skinsational, our preferred method of addressing the issue of enlarged male breasts is the use of liposculpture techniques with minimally invasive incisions. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you are awake and able to move and communicate with our cosmetic surgery team. This aspect of our approach allows patient participation, which is crucial to producing the most natural looking results possible.

We use a 4mm incision in the armpit or below it, laterally to the chest, so it is not visible. Other techniques include incisions in the areola, in the nipple, along the breast fold, or a combination of these incisions. As you can see from our Before and After photos, this technique does not produce a visible scar. The procedure takes a bit longer, up to two hours instead of one hour, but the superior results are certainly worthwhile.

In addition to having you participate by moving your arms in different positions, our breast reduction technique for men avoids scar tissue in the nipple area. This prevents the nipple inversion which is experienced in other breast reduction procedures. It is always our intent to leave your chest looking as natural as possible following your cosmetic surgery.

If you are serious about gynecomastia removal, schedule a consultation with Dr. Luciano. You will be so glad you did!

Recovery from Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Another benefit of our outpatient cosmetic surgery is the minimal downtime and quick recovery. You can expect to return back to work in one to two days. We will do a follow-up visit a few days after the procedure to ensure that your recovery is going as expected and without complications. It won’t be long before you will be able to remove your shirt with confidence in the company of friends and strangers.

Get Ready for the Summer Sun

The winter months are a popular time for cosmetic enhancements like breast reduction for men. By the time the temperatures are warm enough to wear tank tops or go without a shirt, you will be fully recovered from your liposculpture procedure. You’ll be able to strip your shirt off at the beach with total confidence.

Give us a call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Luciano. Let’s get rid of those man boobs, once and for all. Call 401-521- 0303 to make an appointment.