Dr. Luciano of Skinsational in Rhode Island and BostonCosmetic surgery for the breasts is most commonly assumed to be for the purpose of augmentation; but let us not forget the importance of having a nice shape and form.

In addition to enlargement, there are other ways to improve the look of our breasts. Some individuals even need the work of breast reduction. One of the most common procedures, however, is the breast lift. The importance of this cosmetic procedure is usually underrated but produces amazing results.

The breast lift

Due to age, breastfeeding, or simply genetics, breasts may have developed a shape that’s displeasing to
a woman. With genetics, there is nothing she has done to cause these changes, but with age and
childbirth, a woman’s body responds to these changes in different ways. The breasts, for instance, may
sag or change shape. This is when the breast lift proves to be beneficial.

Because we want to have a certain look, there are procedures that help us with our desires. The breast
lift procedure can drastically improve the aesthetics of your breasts. This procedure lifts, leaving a
perkier appearance and feminine feel. Swimsuits tend to look much better after the lift has been

Also, repositioning of the areola is also a primary goal with the breast lift. There are several types of
breast lifts that correct this issue according to the severity of the sagging. These include the Crescent lift
for minimal sagging, the donut lift for mild sagging; the lollipop lift for moderate sagging, and the anchor
lift for more severe sagging and reshaping.

Attaining near perfection

Dr. Luciano takes pride in helping women look their best. Considering breasts play a role in female body
image and self-esteem, Dr. Luciano ensures each case receives the attention and quality service it
deserves, leaving beautiful results. Make that call today for your own consultation.