Chemical Peel

You could improve your skin with a Chemical Peel

Chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers. It is helpful for those individuals with facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.

smooth vibrant skin with chemical peels from skinsational in rhode island and bostonNote: Results vary and are not guaranteed for all patients. All images and benefits for procedures provided by Skinsational presented on this site represent specific results for individual clients.

Deciding if chemical peel is right for you.

Chemical peel is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons to enhance your appearance. Chemical peel may also remove pre-cancerous skin growths, soften acne facial scars – and it can even control acne.

All chemical peels carry some uncertainty and risk. Chemical peel is normally a safe procedure when it is performed by a qualified, experienced individual. However, some unpredictability and risks such as pigmentation, infection and scarring, while infrequent, are possible.

The Peel.

Your skin care specialist will apply the solution to your cleansed facial skin, a process that usually takes no more than 15 minutes. No “after-peel” ointment or covering is required.

After the Peel.

It is common to experience some temporary flaking or scaling, redness and dryness of the skin. However, these conditions will disappear as the skin adjusts to treatment. Any mild swelling you may experience will subside within the first week. It is best to avoid sun exposure unless you are adequately protected. If you follow these simple steps, you will enjoy a fresher and improved skin texture after your chemical peel procedure from the Skinsational Laser Center.

Your new look.

Improvements from peels may be very subtle at first. You may detect a healthier glow to your skin. With continued treatments, you should notice a general improvement in the texture of your skin. Your skin should also be noticeably smoother and fresher-looking.

If you’re planning a peel, you can expect dramatic improvement in the surface of your skin. You may achieve fewer fine wrinkles, fewer blemishes and more even-toned skin. Your results will be long-lasting, although not immune to the effects of aging and sun exposure. Results do vary individually.

Finally, you will need affordable and excellent skin care for regular daily use; please ask us about SkinRio for your skin care needs.

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