How Hair Removal Works

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The Skinsational Laser Center’s Lasers work by destroying the blood supply to your hair follicles and/or the melanin in the hair follicle. The blood supply will be destroyed, and when this blood flow is gone, the hair follicle and its active parts will shrivel and die.

before-and-after laser hair removal from a man's back

There are several phases in the follicle growth cycle: early growth, active growth, regression and resting. A hair follicle in the active growth phase contains engorged blood flow and will be affected on your treatment day. A resting follicle has less blood supply and will not be as affected by treatment. The energy delivered by the laser will generate enough heat to destroy your affected hair follicles.

Because your hair follicles are constantly in various stages of their life cycles, you need several treatments, every 5-7 weeks apart, in order to treat all of the hair growth cycles of the hair follicles, for a total of eight (8) sessions. At the 2007 Society for Lasers In Medicine and Surgery meeting, data presented suggested that on average at least 7 sessions are typically needed.

Our laser technology has many safety features. Its depth of penetration goes to the very deepest follicle and people of all skin colors can be safely treated. Most lasers in the market, with a shorter wave length, target only melanin – a pigment that we have in our hair follicle. That results in heat absorbed into the skin, often not deep enough to effectively destroy a hair follicle, and such lasers have a higher incidence of skin reactions and damage.

With the laser technology we use at the Skinsational Laser Center of Rhode Island and Southern New England, we can select the appropriate Laser for your skin type. That means that regardless of tanning status, you are assured additional safety and minimal likelihood of side-effects. Your comfort, safety and happiness are our primary goals, and your results may vary.

Please call us at (401) 521-0303 to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you, and to helping you achieve permanent hair removal through proven medical laser hair removal techniques at the Skinsational Laser and Hair Removal Center.

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